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The Book of Mudora Chapter 2 :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Mature content
Book Of Mudora Chapter 1 :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Mature content
Book Of Mudora :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Mind Games
The underline has caught up
And it's screaming your name
So pay attention to it
This isn't a game
You play your life
Like you're in happy mode
But lying underneath
Is not to be controlled
The rage in your heart
Burns stronger than ever
And you're afraid of it
Would you let it out? Never.
But it has shown its face
And sadly you had no control
Apologies are in order
And your friends will hold
For you to explain
Why you're like this
You've lived with this for years
But there's nothing to be missed
Brought up in a dangerous place
You had no say in the matter
But your mother did all that she could
So your life wouldn't splatter
All over the floors
But she couldn't completely fix it
And pieces of you hit the walls
In a big rage filled fit
But a mother's love can calm anything
And you sat there crying
After all was said and done
You felt like you were dying
But you've done good so far
With only a hiccup every so often
Just hide inside yourself
And your hatred will soften
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Balance of the difference
Holding each other high
Leaving the unseen visible
While all others comply
New life brings happiness
But don't let yourself go blind
We contemplate our reasons
And leave nothing behind
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 1 0
The Stars
The empty night sky
Filled by the sharpened moon
It's crescent shape
Falling to our doom
We study it's path
And hasten our steps
Sprinting for safety
Thinking of the effects
What will happen
And how could this be
Who to save
And when to flee
As the moon is close
There are some who stayed
We wish them the best
On their last crusade
But there wasn't a place
To hide from the disaster
As the moon takes its place
As our rightful master
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 2
Mislead Pendulum
Gallant knights and their steeds
Flow through the hills to do their deeds
Killing and slaughtering countless
All to appease the countess
While her reign is indefinate
You hide the compassionate
For her disease is widely known
It will be the downfall of her throne
With voices carried away
Reaching the ears of today
Though through time
Their harmony was sublime
The point of the matter
Was that their hearts were shattered
Because they loved their ruler
And there were none the fooler
So just listen for a minute
And you'll hear their plea
A day shall come
And end this tyranny
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Shell of You
Tonight bullets ricochet
To find your corporeal manifestation
Blinding all darkness
He is worthy of her nation
Locked in her mind
A small chamber into itself
Searching for that spark
No one will help
Seeing eye to eye
The shell that stands before me
Wasting away at a glance
Considering time completely
I'm pushed back by disbelief
Grabbing the hand of recklessness
Siding with forces unknown
There's nothing to confess
It knows all
Sees all, does all, thinks all
I'll just wait for a tweak inside
And let it pass as I fall
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Teddiursa Girl by DJWhite0692 Teddiursa Girl :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 2 2 Chibi Link by DJWhite0692 Chibi Link :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 4 1
Your love
Maybe things aren't what they seem
When things can go your way
Or when they just blow up in your face
You've gotten me caught in a fray
Between what I want
And what I know I can't take
Are you playing a game with me
Was this whole relationship a fake
I don't want it to have to be like this
But you've left me alone for too long
While I think of people singing
Of our bad romance song
All I want you to do
Is to speak up for yourself
Tell me what you need
I'm concerned for your health
Because lying isn't good for you
And neither is avoiding whats right
You just have to stand up to him
Please, just fight
If not for you
Then do it for me
For the sake of us
And what we might turn to be
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 3 1
My Butterfly
Crying on the inside
When no one can hear your pain
I miss you all the time
Feelings I can't refrain
The pillow is my best friend
My lover, and my life
Your scent can still be found
Living in strife
With everything around me
As it all reminds me of you
I still can't believe it's over
I don't want to believe we're through
I need you back
But I know it can't be
Selfishly craving your presence
Why can't you see
All he would want is your happiness
You just need to prove
You could stand up for what you want
But it's a boulder that you have to move
So I'll sit here waiting for anything
And I'll love you through it all
You'll always have me, butterfly
Just please don't let your emotions fall
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 2 1
Link on the move by DJWhite0692 Link on the move :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 5 2 Majora's Mask by DJWhite0692 Majora's Mask :icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 17 5
My Disease
I lack emotion
While you show me love
I cannot confess
You rise me above
The highest clouds
Into the sky
You're making me feel
Like I can fly
Across the land
Through time and space
Things seem so fast
I'm out of place
I think of you
Like there is no other
When feelings collide
They just want to smother
Each other as the fight
Please make it stop
My choice is clear
You prevail on top
I feel you inside me
As you coarse through my veins
Keeping you close to me
Barred in chains
But if you feel indifferent
And want to escape
I'll set you free
As your wings take shape
Just remember I'm here
At your beck and call
Silently sitting in shadows
I love you above all
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 0 0
Im at peace
The world moves slow
Time is of no importance
And calmness starts to flow
I'm with you
Near or far
Waiting for anything
You are my star
Shooting from the heavens
And as you descend
I'm standing right here
I am your friend
Staring into your eyes
I can see only truth
Raw emotions flowing
Tears down your face of youth
You look up at me
And I'll calmly smile
I know how we feel
For you, I can wait awhile
Standing outside
Watching the moon go by
Remembering your love
Talking to the sky
:icondjwhite0692:DJWhite0692 1 0

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I'm 20, and I don't exactly know what I want to do. But I'll find somethin sooner or later. So for now I'll keep listening to the wubs and drawing my ladies ;P

Book of Mudora By The Missing Link

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 2:21 PM

So, I know most of you haven't heard of The Missing Link. But he wrote an amazing book! Guess what it is? The book of Mudora! Now if you do try and search it up, it's most likely you'll only find sites that have been taken down, or broken links to his work. But thankfully I've managed to get a hold of the file. So I'm thinking of posting it here. Though I haven't been able to get a hold of the creator, I'm not taking any credit. I just want his work to be shared with everyone. So, what do you think?



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